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About Us

We specialize in integrating operations of warehousing and transportation services. We offer Storage, Transload, Cartage and FBA Prep services at our warehouse facility. We are centrally located in Oklahoma and can promptly ship your products to any part of the USA. Our warehouse sits on 1.65 Acres so there is ample parking for the trucks. The compound is also fenced and gated and the building is fitted with state of the art, 24/7/365 monitoring security system so you can rest assured that your products are safe.
Your product will be received at our warehouse. We have high docks so off-loading is easy.
We will then inspect all the product and take pictures which will be shared with you. If there is any damage, we will communicate promptly.
Once we confirm there is no damage, our team then goes ahead to get your products ready to ship to Amazon. We will box or bag your items. We will label all boxes and pallets. Whether you need them in cases or bundled or just as individual items, we’ll take care of that for you.

We offer both short term and long-term storage, based on your needs at an unbeatable rate.
We keep a record of your inventory so you know what came in, what has been shipped and what we still have in stock.
We are small business friendly, no minimum orders, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees.
We study and keep up with all Amazon Standard requirements and we can prep and ship any number of items. We will use your Amazon account to ship items to FBA so actual shipping charges will be charged though your Amazon Seller Central account.

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